The Benefits of Mediation: Clients Going Through Separation & Divorce


Hampshire Mediation can transform a painful divorce process to one that allows spouses and children to move forward in their lives with less emotional trauma, and with less financial stress than those families going through the divorce process using the traditional litigation model. Studies show that people who mediate their divorces are happier with the outcomes and that there is less future conflict and those agreements are longer lasting than if they used lawyers in the traditional litigation mode. Hampshire Mediation allows you to address issues for your children and for yourselves more fully and completely than in a court room. It also allows for cooperation between parents that Attorney Daniell will help you to resolve issue relating to your children, including custody, parenting schedules, as well as child support. In addition, Attorney Daniell is experienced in successfully resolving issues involving spousal support, division of property and debt, who stays in the marital home, payment of college related expenses, and tax issues.

Hampshire Mediation has helped clients resolve their issues arising during separation and divorce. Hampshire Mediation is superior to going to court in that:

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